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When you buy a new sofa or chair, it’s a big investment. You want to know that whatever kind of fabric that you choose will be a good color and texture for a long time to come. When you’re shopping for upholstery, the most important thing is practicality. You may not want to buy a leather sofa with a toddler running around, for example. Any kind of fabric that could get dirty easily, or rip and stain, may not be the best choice when you have kids around the house. There are plenty of durable fabrics available.  

You also need to worry about any pets that you have in the home. Cats and dogs tend to scratch things, rip them, or relieve themselves where they aren’t supposed to. This can cause beautiful, expensive furniture to be ruined in minutes. You’ll want to choose something that is easy to clean the pet hair off of and even easier to clean. 

Choose A Durable Fabric

Even if you don’t have kids, since the majority of people don’t live in a bubble, you’ll want to choose a fabric that is both comfortable and versatile. Adults spill things too! Don’t forget that slipcovers are always an option as well.  This allows you to change your fabric anytime that you wish easily and inexpensively.

If You’re Free Flaunt It

If pets and kids aren’t aren’t a worry for you, you should flaunt your freedom! You can go a bit more elaborate in your choice of fabric and materials. You won’t need the same types of fabrics and colors that a household with kids would need if you’re on your own. Go for that white sofa and own it! 

Consider How The Material Will Age

When shopping for furniture, ask a lot of questions about the lifetime outlook for certain fabrics. You’ll also want to understand how difficult maintaining certain types of fabrics will be. Leather, for example, is a bit more high maintenance than other types of fabric. If the sofa will be near windows, the sun can easily wear through the color of a material. You should have all of these things in mind while you’re shopping for the perfect sofa or chair. 

Take A Look At Everything In Person

While online shopping can be great for many things, you probably don’t want to choose your fabrics for furniture solely based on an internet search. You should be able to see and feel the material to help you decide how it will fit into your home. It’s also important to know how sitting on a certain material feels to you. A material may look nice in a picture, but may not work at all for your needs when you see it in person. Ask for advice from the associates at the furniture store as well. They can help you to find the right material to suit your needs and wants.

You could easily spend one thousand dollars to furniture your living room or bedroom. The costs of furnishing a home is so pricey that some people buy a house, rent furniture or sleep on a mattress for months. They don't buy new furniture until they get a promotion or raise at work.

Getting tempting to furnish your home on credit

Furniture retailers are paying attention. Several years ago, furniture retailers started running television commercials that advertised payment plans people living on tight budgets could afford. What was and still is attractive about these plans is that they are interest free for several months.

Over the years, the amount of time that furniture plans go interest free has lengthened. Today it's possible to furnish your entire home on credit without paying interest for more than a year. It sounds good, but there are catches to furnishing your home on credit.

Look out for these catches when furnishing your home on credit

  • Getting into the habit of only sending in minimum monthly payments will likely ensure that you end up paying loads of interest on the back end of the plan. When that interest is compounded, you could end up paying more than twice for the furniture than you intended or thought that you would pay.
  • Just because the furniture repayment plan is interest free, that doesn't mean that you won't have to pay late fees if you're as much as one day late with a single payment.
  • Should the furniture get damaged after it's delivered to your home, you could be responsible for repairing or replacing the furniture. This is a reason why you should inspect new furniture as soon as it arrives. Really look the furniture over and report any damages or defects to the furniture retailer as soon as possible.
  • Penalties could be added onto your repayment plan if it isn't paid off before the interest free portion of the plan ends.
  • Because you know that your furniture repayment plan only requires you to send in $50 or so each month, you could buy new products or services. If you don't repay all of the money owed on the furniture in time and the monthly payments triple, you could get into a financial bind.

Choosing to furnish your home on credit puts new furniture within your reach. However, it's not a given. Furniture companies will generally check your credit before they approve you for an interest free repayment plan. You need to have a history of demonstrating that you are financially responsible. Even more, although the repayment plans are interest free, you could get hit with late fees and late penalties.

Worst of all, you could think that by making the minimum payments, you'll pay for the furniture before the contract ends. You could deceive yourself into believing that you will never have to pay interest on the furniture. Get ahead of the repayment plan and make the furniture off as soon as you can. It's generally the only way that you'll really enjoy furnishing your home on credit without ever paying interest.

Stylish, comfortable furniture brings out so much of your house's personality. Great furniture also shows off your own unique personality. With the right furniture, benefits continue to multiply. The right furniture can last years. It also serves multiple purposes.

Furniture options are growing but so are furniture prices

A chic sofa bed works as an entertaining and a sleeping piece. Because of its functionality, it's also a natural space saver. The same goes for coffee tables that are designed with pull out storage drawers. Fortunately, brick and mortar as well as online furniture retailers are offering more furniture options.

What a lot of furniture retailers aren't doing is lowering the cost of furniture. On the less expensive end, it can cost several hundred dollars to furnish one room in a house. For those with pricier taste, it's easy to spend several thousand dollars to furnish and decorate a single room.

Inexpensive ways to furnish your home

Just because furniture is expensive, that doesn't mean that you can't design the interior of your home the way you want. Looking to save money? Check out these inexpensive ways to furnish your home:

  • Let relatives and friends know that you are open to accepting furniture to design your first house with. For example, you could remove a used living room set from a cousin's house for free and use the furniture in your home.
  • Thrift stores are other great places where you can get inexpensive furniture. Charities operate some thrift stores. These stores carry affordable furniture and clothes. You can also find home decorations like silk bouquets, lamps and artwork at thrift stores.
  • Visiting flea markets is similar to stopping by thrift stores, except there's generally a lot more space and items for sale at flea markets. Although you could find a new home decoration at a flea market,you'll generally walk away with a used item. But, that doesn't mean that the furniture that you find at a flea market isn't sturdy, reliable and attractive.
  • Online auctions is another of the inexpensive ways to furnish your first home. The aim is to furnish your first home. You can always upgrade your furniture later, after your income increases and you pay down your mortgage debt.
  • Another way that you could lower the cost of furnishing your first home is to buy furniture on a payment plan. Just make sure that you pay the furniture off before you have to start making interest payments, as interest on furniture payment plans can be hefty.

Openness leads to big savings when it comes to furnishing your home

Buy basic furniture to avoid going into debt after you buy a house. For example, you could make a sofa, kitchen table and chairs and a bed your basic furniture. Get the style, colors and size you want. Pay off your basic furniture before you add more furniture to your house.

As a first time homeowner, also stay open to other furniture options. This includes not turning your parents down should they offer to let you have their furniture,especially if your parents are determined to upgrade their housing. Remember, you may have plenty of opportunities to buy the posh furniture that you've wanted in a few years.